Chilawee Trails Camp | Work Here Online
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Online Staff Application – Chilawee 2017


In case of emergency, please enter the full name and the relationship to you of the person we should contact. Include at least one phone number by which they could be reached.
Please select the correct size in adult t-shirt

Staff training days are July 28 - July 30 for Week 1 and August 5 - August 7 for Week 2. Before applying to work for either week, please ensure that you will be present for the staff training days.

Select only those that apply
For example: dance training, drawing skills, etc.
If you are applying for a lifeguard position, please fill out this field.
List two, with name and contact info; cannot be relatives

In order to ensure that the camp session is successful for both campers and staff members, it is your responsibility to ensure that you read the staff manual provided and sign your contract. Failure to comply with the standards set out in the manual could result in being sent home at your own/your parents’ expense. This includes the dress code requirements. Video games, electronics and portable music devices are not welcome at the camp as they promote social isolation. Cell phones cannot be used during work hours. Staff members and parents are asked to respect, support, and enforce this policy.

Type your name here to indicate your agreement
Ask your parent/guardian to type their name above to indicate their consent to the agreement. If you are over 18, this is not necessary.